Vietnam Visa Exemption

Vietnam Visa exemption is the fact that a country allows a citizen of another country to enter and stay in a certain period of time without having to complete the procedures and pay fees related to immigration.

Travelers entering Vietnam need passports or valid passport substitute papers and a valid visa issued by a competent Vietnamese authority, except in cases where visa exemption is granted.
With efforts to attract tourists around the world, Vietnam has implemented visa exemption policies for some countries. Accordingly, when you want to come to Vietnam, you will not need to apply for a visa. Here’s a list of countries having Vietnam Visa Exemption.
Currently, the Vietnamese government is exempting visas for citizens of 22 countries, including unilateral visas for citizens of 13 countries and bilateral with nine countries in ASEAN.
Bilateral visa exemption

Bilateral visa exemption with nine member countries of ASEAN. This is a two-country agreement that allows citizens of those countries to enter without visa. Including: